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Story of Four


A question I’m asked often and a story I love telling. The short answer - Four is the number on my front door. But behind the door, there’s a story of passion, determination and grit. Just after the birth of my second son, we moved back up to Edinburgh because frankly, London was too big, too expensive and too far away from the people we loved the most.

We bought a derelict house and committed to doing it up – and then I lost my job. I gently dipped my toe into the world of self-employment and for two years we juggled my freelance business with my husband’s event company and managed to have a third child muddled in there somewhere too. What happened next, I will never forget.… COVID HIT!

My husband’s revenue disappeared overnight, and we found ourselves in a place of complete chaos. In that moment all I remember thinking was - You can either sink, swim, or be the captain. Sinking wasn’t an option, swimming was terrifying and I most certainly wasn’t ready to be any form of captain but we all have to start somewhere. So, amidst a global pandemic, I popped my goggles on, jumped in and started swimming. 

One employee became two, two became four and before I knew it ten little boxes were popping up on our Monday Morning Zoom team meeting. I’ve been very fortunate to have met some amazing people along this journey – many of whom have now worked with us for several years. My passion and drive will never veer from the founding values of FOUR. 

We exist to support the people around us to thrive. I place immense value on my team and the flexibility and security that FOUR affords every one of them is something I am proud of. I’ve learned so much along the way and this is only the beginning. Let’s all be more FOUR.

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