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Our work Future Asset

Future Asset informs girls in Scotland about careers in investment management, enthuses them about opportunities in the sector and widens the talent pipeline whilst improving diversity in the industry. They believe that being female should never be a barrier to pursuing any career and the work to support girls to develop skills, confidence and purpose. The organisation runs conferences and regional roadshows, produces video and podcast resources and runs webinars with professional investors.

The Growing Future Assets Investment Competition is an annual competition challenging teams of girls in Scottish schools to research, analyse and pitch a company to a group of investment professionals. The competition aims to introduce girls to the world of investment, its operation, relevance, and impact, as well as the range of careers available within the sector. Future Asset is supported by investment management firms in Scotland committed to informing young women about opportunities and improving diversity in the sector.


To raise awareness and profile of the Growing Future Assets Competition in the run-up to the 2020 final; to communicate, across Scotland, the positive value the competition delivers; create future interest in the contest; convey the resilience and determination of entrants, despite the pandemic landscape; elevate Future Asset’s profile as a charity and secure favourable coverage for key sponsors, participating schools and the companies analysed by the participants.

Our core activity focused on media relations, enabling us to build awareness and promote the Growing Future Assets Investment Competition countrywide in relevant national, regional, investment and education publications. We crafted press releases targeted at national, regional and investment and education publications and reached out to potential sponsors via membership-focused news releases.

More than 100 pieces of Scotland-wide coverage across national, regional and industry-focused media, in print and online, ranging from Scottish Business Insider and The Scotsman to FE News and Education Today with a total opportunity to view (OTV) of more than £million in 2020, rising to more than 13.45 million OTV in 2021.

Our work also generated a 511% increase in the number of teams that registered for the competition as well as a 371% increase with regards to the number of schools participating. There was also a 4990% increase in the number of girls who participated, compared to the previous year. Four Marketing Agency has been appointed as the national agency for Future Asset from 2022 onwards.

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