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Our work Seafields

Seafields is a UK-based aquaculture business which is strongly focused on delivering innovative solutions to be a part of the global solution in tackling climate change.

The company is introducing new technologies focused on the tracking, harvesting, baling and storage of Sargassum, a seaweed it plans to grow in its aqua-farms in the South Atlantic Ocean gyres.

Using its innovative approach, Seafields is radically tackling the challenge of climate change and aims to remove over 1Gt (one billion metric tonnes) of CO2 from the atmosphere each year by 2025.

Kicking the journey off during COP26, Glasgow 2021, Four Marketing Agency was engaged to raise awareness of Seafields and its founders, positioning the company as one of the true pioneers in the fight against climate change.

Targeting high profile mainstream, environmental and scientific media, Four has successfully launched Seafields to the globe. We used the platform of COP 26 to tap into the media discourse that just lowering CO2 emissions is going to reverse climate change, when in fact new methods in CO2 sequestration are also required.

We utilise the latest hypothesis from the founders to create provoking thought leadership opinions and commentary. With further exciting activity for 2022 in the pipeline, once the test site is up and running in Cape Verde.

Four Marketing Agency launched Seafields, late 2021 and since embarking on a proactive media campaign they have been shortlisted for the Carbon X-prize and awarded Sifted’s start-ups to watch outside of London 2022. There’s more in the pipeline so watch this space!

Four also achieved an extensive range of media coverage for Seafields that includes BBC Worldservice, The i Paper, Green Business Journal, Sifted, Daily Express, AZo CleanTech and Maddyness.

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