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Our work Trevor Jones Art Stirling Castle Party

Trevor Jones is a fine art graduate and traditional painter who has worked at the intersection of art and technology for more than a decade, experimenting with QR code paintings and augmented reality (AR). When he invested in Bitcoin in 2017 it inspired a new creative direction, leading to his crypto-themed AR paintings and his emergence as a pioneer of non-fungible tokens (NFT) in art. The open-edition NFT derived from his painting The Bitcoin Angel broke sales records generating a staggering $3.2M in seven minutes.

Guests from over 20 countries
pieces of press coverage secured
Over 300 guests

Trevor devised and hosted Stirling Castle Party, an extravaganza to celebrate the digital art movement and the unique worldwide community that has grown up around The Bitcoin Angel. Four Marketing Agency were brought in to raise brand awareness among the general public and crypto enthusiasts by promoting the Party through strategic media relations – fostering relationships between Trevor Jones Art and the mainstream media, specialist art and crypto-currency media and high-level individuals.

Four worked closely with Trevor and organised all media elements of the Castle Party from press releases, media outreach and press attendance for both the pre-event party at Dovecot Studios and the Castle Party at Stirling Castle.

We established relationships with local and national press, as well specialised press and contacts, and crafted, issued and sold-in pre and post event press releases. We also curated a list of invitees, working with stakeholders to co-ordinate communications as well as attending the event to assist with interviews and photography onsite.

The historic Trevor Jones Art Castle Party was a resounding success bringing more than 300 guests to Scotland from 20 countries across North America, Europe, Australia and Asia. Almost 30 pieces of press coverage were achieved – including but not limited to The Scotsman, NFTevening, Art Plugged, Scottish Financial News and more.

In partnering with Trevor Jones, Four Marketing Agency was involved in organising one of the most bespoke and avant-garde NFT events in the country. Our work also led to an extended relationship with FinTech Scotland and Trevor’s imminent participation to the upcoming FinTech Scotland Summit and Awards.

Four Marketing Agency's tailored approach to our aims and objectives for the Castle Party in Stirling has set the benchmark for results orientated PR campaigns in the WEB 3 space. Their creative and out-of-the-box approach coupled with substantial networking enabled us to get the exposure for the event we had hoped and more. Working closely with Pam and Cristina we were able to secure numerous interviews and articles at local, national and international level which has set the foundation to build towards next year's event. The whole Four team I worked with has an innate ability to manage any challenge, and the personal interest they take with all their clients goes above and beyond public relations. I highly regard Four Marketing Agency as one of the best, and highly recommend Pam and her team to achieve success for any project or company.

Trevor Jones

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